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Cebu is touted as the guitar capital of the Philippines due to the fact that the guitar making industry has taken root here since the days of the galleon trade. To this day, guitar craftsmanship is active but classic guitar performance is sadly wanting with no academic or institutional support.

The Guitar Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (GFPI) was founded in Cebu as a vehicle to promote the appreciation and performance of classical guitar music. Towards this end, The GFPI has organized the 1st Cebu International Guitar Music Festival "Strings that Bind".  The festival will showcase concerts, booth display, exhibits and workshops on classical guitar pedagogy and concepts of quality guitar construction.

The Guitar Foundation of the Philippines Incorporated is a non-stock organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The mother chapter of the organization is located in Cebu City. The Organization is composed mostly of individuals from different walks of life professionals who are either guitar players or mainly enthusiasts. It started as a small group of classical guitarists in 1972, and became a Foundation in 1990. It has embarked on several cultural activities in the national and international levels.

The main goal of the foundation is to propagate and create an appreciation towards the classical guitar in the Philippines as a worthy concert instrument deserving of the attention mostly reserved for the piano and other more established instruments of western classical music.

Among the past projects of the Guitar Foundation and the Cebu Guitar Ensemble were fund raising activities for various charity foundations in the community, including, among others, Cebu Medical Indigent Foundation, Inc. through the Archdiocese of Cebu. The Foundation and the Ensemble has tasked itself with the promotion of guitar music through free concerts in various schools, guitar clinics and seminars.


The group intends to expand its membership, especially to the young generation, to reach out, and give life to the fact that in a lot of Filipino homes there lie’s a guitar, perhaps old and battered, waiting to be awakened “by the touch of a master’s hand.”

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